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Because of COVID-19 there could be some difficulties for the shipment/delivery, but we are ready to help with the delivery:
by air-cargo (when temperature restrictions won't apply);
two hours driving or (in some cases) personal delivery by air, but all of our traveling expenses (round trip airline tickets or gas by mileage both ways; time and food/hotel, if needed) have to be covered by the new owner of the kitten.  
We recommend: 
personal pick up by driving or round trip by (our airport is RDU) is the best, safe and less expensive way to get your kitten in such times!
We are respect all the guidelines of protection from COVID-19.  

Available Kittens:

Please, Attention!
Due to increasing frequency of fraud through the sale of pedigree kittens, TICA (The International Cat Association) offer to all real breeders to sign with them Voluntary CODE OF ETHICS, as another prove, that you are not being scammed here!  

Welcome to all our visitors!

First of all, I want to express my deep appreciation to everybody, who is

interested in our selection work and wish to get a kitten from us!

 We are trying to do everything in our efforts to make your experience with getting your new furry family member exciting, easy and memorable!

We want to make an exclusive offer to everyone, who wants to make sure, that he/she going to get exactly what he/she were dreaming about, because too many people are interested in our kitty-kids, but, unfortunately, we can't have all the kittens at once to satisfy everybody.

You can now pay the deposit even before the kittens are born to have your fair spot in the waiting list and we'll let you know, where it is and how many people are ahead of you. It doesn't mean that you have to wait too long, because everybody has different requirements (or by color, or by long/short hair, or by sex, or from specific pair of cats, the folded or straight kitten and etc.):


Scottish Fold kittens require $600.00 for the deposit;


Scottish Straight/British type - $400.00 for the deposit


 You have to be absolutely sure about your decision, because the deposit is non-refundable.

Or! You can use this deposit one more time to buy a kitten from next/other litter.

 I can't price unborn kittens, but after their birth, I will be able to give the breed value for each of them, then your deposit will be subtracted from the total price on the kitten you'll choose.

The price for each kitten will include all the vet. expenses: vaccinations up to date of sale; spaying/neutering surgery, medication for the recovery, if needed; micro-chipping (is optional and extra $40.00); the genetic testing, if necessary; the health certificate, if needed for the shipment; breeder slip, so that you could receive the pedigree for your kitten through The International Cat Association (TICA). BUT the delivery cost will be charged separately, if the kitten will need to be delivered. We'll try to do our best to help with the delivery or shipment. Please contact Maria at (919)609-5106 for the quote (please provide your town or city and State, or if required - the abbreviation for the closest to you airport)

As of right now we have the kittens
​for sale and for reservation,
born in the end of August and in the end of October 2021 
Please scroll down and check the pictures of the kittens, 
labeled as "For Sale"!
Born on  October 24th, 2021
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Born on  October 19th, 2021
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DAM Murka

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