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Please check out "our achievements" page for 2019 year!
Our Elias got FOUR TITLES!

Welcome to all our visitors!

First of all, I want to express my deep appreciation to everybody, who is

interested in our selection work and wish to get a kitten from us!

 We are trying to do everything in our efforts to make your experience with getting your new furry family member exciting, easy and memorable!

We want to make an exclusive offer to everyone, who wants to make sure, that he/she going to get exactly what he/she were dreaming about, because too many people are interested in our kitty-kids, but, unfortunately, we can't have all the kittens at once to satisfy everybody.

You can now pay the deposit even before the kittens are born to have your fair spot in the waiting list and we'll let you know, where it is and how many people are ahead of you. It doesn't mean that you have to wait too long, because everybody has different requirements (or by color, or by long/short hair, or by sex, or from specific pair of cats, the folded or straight kitten and etc.):


Scottish Fold kittens require $600.00 for the deposit;


Scottish Straight/British type - $400.00 for the deposit


 You have to be absolutely sure about your decision, because the deposit is non-refundable.

Or! You can use this deposit one more time to buy a kitten from next/other litter.

 I can't price unborn kittens, but after their birth, I will be able to give the breed value for each of them, then your deposit will be subtracted from the total price on the kitten you'll choose.

The price of each kitten will include all the vet. expenses: vaccinations; spaying/ neutering surgery and medication for the recovery; micro-chipping (we had situation, when our cats were stolen); the genetic testing, if necessary; the health certificate, if needed for the shipment; breeder slip, so that you could receive the pedigree for your kitten through The International Cat Association (TICA). BUT the delivery cost will be charged separately, if the kitten will need to be delivered. We do delivery in many different ways, please contact Maria at (919)609-5106 for the quote (please provide your town or city and State, or if required - the abbreviation for the closest to you airport)

As of right now (July, 2020) all our kittens are sold or reserved,
But wait for announcement! We are expecting new litters in the middle and the end of August!
     I want to apologize to all our subscribers, because I even didn't have opportunity to show these five precious kittens from Zita and Elias: some of them were reserved before even birth! So they are not for sale anymore...But I can't resist to not show them anyway, because I want you to know, what a blessing we have here! :)



DAM  Zita

March 3d, 2020



DAM Yuki

Two incredibly colored boys: Classic Black Tabby and Red Ticked (the most rare!)!
March 3d, 2020



DAM Hawa

Two gorgeous kittens: Classic Lilac girl and Chocolate Spotted Tabby boy!
March 6th, 2020



DAM Yuno

And the blast with this delivery by number of babies and the most rare colors: five girls and one boy! There is no kittens in black colors, but all variations of Ticked coat: Smoky, Silver Bicolor, Tortie, Blue and one Solid White. The only boy is a Bicolor Cream with Red marks.
The poor mama couldn't handle the feeding of such bunch of babies, that her sister came to help! :)
The Previous litters, born in 2019





The Cat Show weekend (11.09-11.10.2019) with TICA in Simpsonville, SC,  brought to Elias the six finales in the rings with all shorthair breeds!
22 days old!
And... Looks like all four girls are folded!!!
Feeding time!
Two weeks old!
Our Eyes are opened!!!
But still... We are very sleepy! :)
Please meet our new arrivals: four gorgeous girls!
DOB: 10.24.2019
Have you ever seen the unborn kittens?!
You have this opportunity on our website:

     Greetings! Subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to reserve the best kitten! All our kittens will be partly or fully vaccinated (depend of the age at the moment of the sale, which is after 8 weeks +), de-wormed, flea regiment and Spayed/Neutered before leaving, with the relevant documents from the veterinary clinic. In our sale contract we give you one year of the genetic health guarantee for any kitten you getting from our cattery.

      It is very important for us, that your new family member will make you happy for many years to come with strong health, balanced and pleasant temper, with his/her gorgeous look and fluffy fur. That is why we are taking breeding seriously and all our victories and titles prove to this.

    Every kitten will leave our cattery potty trained, nail clipped and well groomed, eating solid foods and very well socialized with people, kids and other animals in the house hold! Most of the kittens will be sold as pets. If you are planning to buy a kitten for breeding, please contact us in advance. 

     Reservation requires a non-refundable deposit  30% of the kitten's price. If you have made a deposit and then can't buy a kitten, you can use this deposit to reserve a kitten later (from the same or other litters).

     Kittens can be shipped by air, if the weather temperature is below 80 F, to any US state for additional $300+, Vet travel and medical records documents, registration papers (sometime we have to send documents separately), the special travel carrier (which is $30+) and the sample of the cat food.

  We also can offer driving delivery "door to door", but the rates for this service depend on the distance, or we can drive to meet you halfway from your home. 

 Also we can offer you delivery the kitten by air in person, buy getting round trip. In this case you have to meet the person, who is delivering the kitten, at the closest to you airport at the specific time frame (by agreement). The cost for this type of delivery vary  from $350-650.00 (Depend on how early we can book the flight).

     We are feeding our cats and kittens with "Purina PRO PLAN" Kitten dry  and canned Food. But you can switch to any other type of cats food, if needed, by gradually adding the new food to the old one to avoid the stomach upset.

     You are also more than welcome to come and pick up your new fluffy family member in person (we are located in Triangle Area of North Carolina).


     We're also happy to help you with any questions regarding raising you kitten, participating in cat shows and breeding, if you plan to breed your cat! All our cats (males and females) are CFA and TICA registered and have titles of Champions and Grand Champions.


The Previous litters, born in May, 2019

 Born   05.03.19 :