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British Scottish Fold/Straight Kitten Care

This breed is irresistibly cute and unrealistically beautiful. They have beautiful hair and coat. The unusual mutation of the famous cat Susie.

You need to understand about their health, diseases, allergies, and infections to take care of them properly. Here, we will give you series of detailed instructions regarding the British Scottish Fold cat care.

   1. Regular cleaning and the grooming.


You do not have to wash or bathe your kitten or cat all the time! Too many baths could wash out natural oil from kitten/cat coat and cost some serious skin problems. So, once quarterly will be just enough, if you keep your cat in the house. We are bathing our cats every season, when they shedding. It helps our cats to change their winter fur coats for the summer time and during autumn helps them quicker to put on a winter coat back. Between the seasons we do occasionally bathing, if they got too smelly or too dirty. ))) British Scottish cats are very neat cats: sometimes they reject to go to its litter box, if you would keep it unclean for few days. So clean it up regularly, better - daily!


   2. Brush you kitten/cat regularly.


If you have a short-haired Scottish fold, then brush it once or twice a week using a metal comb. If you have a long-haired Scottish fold, then you will need to brush it daily. Use a wire slicker brush to comb your long-haired Scottish fold. Brush in the direction of its hair growth and make sure to brush its whole body, including its chest and abdomen.


   3. Acclimate your cat to nail trimming.


If you decide to clip your cat’s nails yourself, then you will need to acclimate it to having its paws and nails handled. To get the best result, start to clip nails since kitten’s first days in your house and do it regularly (once a week). You can do this by:

  • Rubbing or massaging your cat’s paws and toes for two to three seconds a day.

  • Pressing the pad to expose the nail for trimming. If your cat pulls away, wait until it is calm before handling its paws again. Reward it with treats and praise for good behavior.

  • Using the nail clippers to clip a piece of macaroni near your cat’s ears as you handle its paws. The sound of the macaroni will familiarize your cat with the sound of its nails being clipped. Reward your cat with a treat and praise for good behavior.


   4. Brushing teeth of your British Scottish cat.


Brushing should be regular. Even if you brush them once a day or four times a week then it is still good. Besides it will not take long! If you prefer to brush you kitten teeth, which is certainly will help your pet stay healthy longer, do not use the regular toothpaste. Use simple foam paste without any chemical in it, which may cause burn spots or allergy to the cat.


   5. High quality dedicated food for your British Scottish cat.


Better, go for good high-quality food for your cat. Do not take any cheap brand as it may upset the stomach.

First year of our kittens life we are feeding them with PURINA ProPlan "KITTEN, through the first year of life", Chicken & Rice formula, supports optimal nutrient absorption. Also we feed them the cans of the same brand for "KITTEN" with variations of flavors. After one years old we switch to the same brand for the adult cats. Plus, through the first year of life we give to our kittens "tomlyn veterinary science" HIGH CALORIE NUTRITIONAL GEL for kittens" nutri-cal. They love it! And it is great for the proper growth and good health for the life.

You always can switch to any other brand of the food at your convenience, but please, make a search for nutritious facts about new brand before purchasing anything, and add a new food to an old one gradually, with small doses, to avoid kitten's upset stomach. Make sure to give your new family member soft (can) food as well.

Please watch carefully for the kitten food reaction. If he/she starting to have diarrhea, or vomiting, or both, immediately take away all dry and can food. Leave only water and call you veterinarian!  At this situation you can boil a piece of chicken breast in water, with NO seasonings, then make a chicken mash (sour cream consistency) in the blender on the water, where chicken was boiling. Do not add anything else! Sometimes you can give to your kitten mix of one fresh egg (wash it well with antibacterial soap before using!) with cup of milk (omelet mix): eggs and milk are really nutritional! But don’t force your kitten to eat, if he or she doesn't like it.  Contact us with any other questions regarding feeding you kitten!

Make sure that they drink enough clean and fresh water after. Do not overfeed (!!!) them else, they will become fat and weak.


    6. Regular check up with vets.


Do not skip the regular checkup of hope Scottish fold blue cat. The vet will check the overall hygiene of your cat and he also gives you some important tips on how to take care of your Scottish kitten. Make sure its overall hygiene is good.


   7. Play with your British Scottish kitten.


The Scottish fold cat loves companion. If you are too busy at work, you should find a dog or another kitten. This breed is very good with everybody in the household: kids, dogs and other animals. They can’t stand the loneliness!


   8. Walk the Scottish cat.


You should give activities to it. Make sure that the Scottish cat is running, fetching balls, rolling, and doing many more things so that it can have good physical health. This is a must. Take for a walk. Every day would be good. Exercise is the best way to keep them clean and hygiene.


   9. Check the ears of Scottish kitten or cat.


As the shape of the ear is different and there is a cave formation, you might see some dust or the wax inside it. Because of airflow in a cave, your cat might feel pain after few weeks. So always, check the ears of your cat to check, whether there is a wax formation or there is some kind of infection in it. If there is an infection then do not hesitate to go to the vet. If possible, go as soon as you notice the infection in Scottish fold blue cat.

   10. Clean, warm and dust free sleeping place.


This is necessary. Because if the sleeping place is wet and there are a lot of bacteria then your cat will fall sick. Choose a clean, dry and warm place. It is best to have a small blanket and the wide cat basket as a sleeping the place for British Scottish cat.



We hope that you have now a clearer picture about how to take care of your British Scottish fold cat. Following these tips will make this amazing cat happy and you as well. And REMEMBER: If you have any questions, always can sent us e-mail, text or call us for the answers!


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