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  We are very big family with five kids (four sons and one daughter), five female cats and two males of British Scottish Fold, two black rescued female cats, Pitbull Terrier and a family bunny! We have always loved animals and always had dogs, cats, birds, fishes... ))) I'm the "mama" of this family and my name is Maria, and we have little "mama" in the face of my daughter, named Nadia  :)  My personal priority regarding pets was always about raising and training dogs, but our "cat" story is a little bit different from having others animals.

   About twelve years ago I woke up one morning with a strange urge that I needed to have a kitten! I didn't tell anything to my husband, because I knew that he would not agree for another animal in the house... But that urge pushed me to check out all local advertisements in regards if someone was selling or looking for a new home for the kittens. There were only two advertisements that I managed to find. One ad was near our house and another - for about an hour away from us.

The second ad I liked better because it offered eleven kittens  - all in solid black color and tailless! The only bad thing about the ad was that they had ten male kittens and only one female, and I only wanted a female. So I decided to take a risk and called my husband... ))) To make a long story short, he then finally agreed to drive there and take a look.


   The same day after work we drove with the whole family to check out those kittens. The house of the owners were teeming with all kinds of cats! Then we saw many little black tailless kittens running around the house and we started to pick up each of them and look for that only female. We were picking them up  (probably for few rounds!) more than twenty times, but they all were males. It was huge disappointment for me! My husband and our kids were ready for the male kitten and even the owners of the household cats started to doubt, that they had one female...

Then my daughter picked one kitten, which was very playful, but he was also aggressive, scratched and bit the hands of the children. I didn't like it and then I saw another cute little black head with green eyes and big ears. I decided to give it a chance by picking both kittens on each hand and see what they would do. The one, chosen by my daughter, started biting my hand, and the one, I had chosen, started to lick my other hand. So the choice was absolutely clear: we took the one who was licking my hand.

   On the way home the whole family with great excitement came up with the male's name for chosen kitten. We also made a stop at the pet store to get kitten food, some medicine from worms, flea and tick shampoo, as the kitten obviously had it all! (So, people, DO NOT take a kitten from unknown source - only from professional breeders, dewormed, with no fleas and with all necessary vaccinations!) And... OH WHAT A MIRACLE!!! When we'd arrived at home and I was giving our kitten a good bath, I had found out that it was a GIRL!!!

   The kitten grew up to an amazing fluffy clump of black fur, which surprised us every day with its hunting skills, boundless devotion and indescribable intelligence. I never thought so good about cats, thinking that this characteristic is only suitable for the dogs. Wherever we moved, she was always with us: she hunted the mice, played with our kids and even walked with us, following like a dog!

Аська 1.JPG

   After ten years of this cat's life with us, I suddenly thought that I would like to have a kitten from her, but we sterilized her and the kittens could not be ... And I increasingly wanted to have another black cat, only this time with a tail! ))) As they say: “Be Careful What You Wish For!” One morning we were awakened by a very loud "Meow" in the yard. I went out to see what happened and, at the front door under the porch, I found a tiny black creature that had come from somewhere! There were only a couple of neighbors and hundreds of acres of forest and farm fields around our house. My daughter was delighted and exclaimed: "Mom! I have been praying for several months now that we got a kitten!" That's how another miracle kitten appeared in our family and it was also a girl. Our new kitten had a lot of problems (fleas, exhaustion, maybe because of worms, plus we found out that she was having а very serious skin disease, which spread on our kids and a dog and took some time to get rid of, which AGAIN prove the rule: if you want to get the kitten - find a professional breeder or, if you would have situation like we did, go to the veterinarian right away!) But our new pet was worth all the efforts!

кнопа 1.JPG
кнопа и заяц.JPG
кнопа 2.jpg

  Since then, every member of our family wanted to have a kitten! Then we decided to get kittens for everyone and after a long research we chose the breed of Scottish Folds/Straight, who conquered us with their incredible characteristics, very cute expressions and sweet temper. Then five more kittens appeared in our family! We take the breed and breeding very seriously. We are still in the process: studying at the Oxford Learning College for the Feline Studies, taking our pets to the show, have registration with two the most known cat clubs CFA and TICA.

   All our pets are healthy and are under the constant supervision of a veterinarian. We feed them a well balanced diet. Once a year we make  injections with vitamins and minerals subcutaneously to maintain their health and the healthy offspring. But THE MOST IMPORTANT everyday we are enjoying our fluffy, amicable and joyful company, which make our life full of fun and unforgettable memories and feelings! 

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