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Please meet a gorgeous creation of the Nature with absolutely stunning Classic Black Tabby Bicolored (with white) color - "Zhora"! He is going to be ready to move to his new family in the begining-mid of August. Zhora is a very gentle, and at the same time he is playful kitten! He has very balanced personalyty, overall - absolutely sweetheart! He likes to be petted and cuddled the same way, as he loves to play! He is always looking for your attention and fallows you everywhere! This little boy is stealling my heart! He loves to give you a lot of "kisses” and stay on your lap! 
With his tenderness, playfulness, imperiousness and curiosity, this kitten will be a wonderful furry addition to any family! :)

The eyes of all our kittens are changing at age of 3-4 months old till one year old from "baby-blue" to adult copper-gold colors.
For more of the pictures and videos of this charm boy, please contact Maria at (919)609-5106
Both parents of this beautiful kitten have great pedigrees of Champions' blood, registered in TICA  association and have titles themselves.

"Zhora" Scottish Straight boy, Black Classic Tabby Bicolored (n22627182)

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