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Please meet a charming boy - Walter! He is very affectionate, stately kitten with very balanced personality: playful and cuddling at the same time! Walter is very handsome blue (grey) kitten, even though now he has a marble pattern on him, it is because he is too small, but by the time he'll reach one/one and half years old, this pattern will disappear. His fur is very thick and soft! I always want to hold this furry kid! His eyes will change from baby-blue to firry deep copper color: it is going to be gorgeous combination of his light blue coat with when he grows up! He is fearless and loves to be petted. He will be awesome addition to any family!

Both his parents have great pedigrees of Grand Champions' blood, registered in TICA and have titles of Champions themselves!

For more questions or info contact Maria at (919)-609-5106

"Walter" Scottish Straight, BOY. Solid Blue (c627182)

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