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This gorgeous kitten we've named "Bruno"! He is fully vaccinated; neutered; microchipped; with all the documents for TICA; with vet. records and ready to leave our Cattery! He is ready to go to his new home. If you ever dream of the close friend: he just fulfills the concept of this word! He is so affectionate, curious, cuddle, playful and just simply wonderful kitten, that he is like a dream comes true! We love this kitten with the whole family and wish him to get very caring and loving family! You'll never regret, if you get this little one! Besides of all, he has rare coloration as dark Chocolate, but it is so dark, that someone can tell that he is black, so we not going to prove it with the genetic test, but you'll see the richness of his dark chocolate in the good light sometimes! The kittens of his at the young age and type of fur (thick and short) have sometime the skin on the neck under the chin, but it will go away while he is growing.

The eyes of all our kittens are changing at age of 3-4 months old till one year old from "baby-blue" to adult copper-gold colors.
Both parents of this beautiful kitten have great pedigrees of Champions' blood, registered in TICA association and the dad and mom of this kitten has received a Quadruple and Double Grand Champions titles before they even reached two years old of age!
For more information regarding this kitten (or if you want to see more of our available for sale kittens), contact Maria (919)609-5106.

Scottish Fold "Bruno", Black (n627382)

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