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Please meet an adorable "Pashka"! He is going to be ready for the new family after August 27th. This little one has two incredible gifts: the most rare color - Ticked Chocolate Tabby, and amazing personality! He is going to be a big and gorgeous cat! And his personality combines everything: tenderness, playfulness, imperiousness and curiosity at the same time! He also loves to play with kids. Our kittens getting lots of attention from all our big family and they are very friendly to people, adaptive to other animals in the house, very sweet, love to be pet and cuddled, great companions - they will follow you everywhere in the house! :)
The eyes of all our kittens are changing at the age of 3-4 months till one year old from "baby-blue" to adult copper-gold colors.

"Pashka" Scottish Fold boy, Ticked Chocolate Tabby, b25

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