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Please meet the sweet "Pandora" girl of the most rare color: Chocolate Ticked Tabby! This girl is stunning! She will be ready to leave our Cattery after December 14th. Her sweet and great affectionate personality and gorgeous wild color,  make her irresistible! She is very gentle and at the same time very playful girl!  She is a real treasure! Pandora has a very unusual and rare, very warm chocolate golden color with uniform spots: very beautiful color and pattern! She is very smart, despite age, and very funny! Pandora will bring into your life lots of memorable and funny moments! 

Both of her parents have an excellent pedigree of champion bloodlines registered with the TICA association, and the father of this kitten has the title of Four-time Grand Champion.

The eyes of all our kittens from 3-4 months to a year old change from "blue" to adult copper-gold.

All of our kittens are partially or fully vaccinated (depending on age at the time of sale), dewormed and flea treated, spayed/neutered, microchipped, groomed, nail trimmed, litter box trained and solid food eaten. In the sales contract, we give a one year guarantee of genetic health for any kitten sold from our Elias cattery.

For more information about this kitten (or if you would like to see more kittens available for sale), please contact Maria (919) 609-5106.

"Pandora" Scottish Straight girl, Chocolate Ticked Torbie (h25627182)

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