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Puff is absolute perfection! His beauty is bewitching! It is impossible to take your eyes off this boy cute expression! Your soul rejoices when you watch how he is playing and you forget about everything in the world! He is very affectionate and his fur is so soft and thik, that you never gonna to stop petting him! He is simply unreal, like a staffed toy (!) and his personality is very tender, playful and sweet! The family, where this baby will live, is going to have real blessing!

Both his parents have great pedigrees of Champions' blood, registered in TICA and have of Multiple Grand Champions titels themselves!

The eyes of all our kittens are changing at age of 3-4 months old till one year old from "baby-blue" to adult copper-gold colors.

For more information regarding this kitten (or if you want to see more of our available for sale kittens), contact Maria (919)609-5106.

"Puff" Scottish Straight boy, Chocolate (b627182)

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