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Please meet a charming boy - Nafannya! He is so charming, big, fluffy, stately, calm and "round" from any point of view, that this is the only name we could pick for him! He is very handsome, with beautiful, evenly spotted coloration, like a wild cats, but at the same time, he is looks like “Teddy Bear”, because of his short, very thick and fluffy fur! He is definitely will grow into gorgeous big cat of show quality! He is utterly fearless, playful and loves to be pet, paying you back with loud, non stopping purring! He makes you want to hold him all the time! He will be awesome addition to any family!

Both his parents have great pedigrees of Champions' blood, registered in TICA and CFA and have titles of Champions themselves!
The eyes of all our kittens are changing at age of 3-4 months old till one year old from "baby-blue" to adult copper-gold colors.

"Nafannya", Scottish Fold boy, Black Spotted Tabby (n24)

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