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Please meet an amazing "Mark"! This kitten is only four months old, but look how big he is! He is going to be big one and gorgeous cat, and he is ready for the new family.  His remarkable coloring markings on the "face" with gold eyes make his expression especially beautiful and unique! There is no limit to his cheerfulness! If you need a cat that will always near you, look into your eyes with incredible devotion and constantly seek your attention, then Mark will exceed all of your expectations! He is curious and very playful, also love to be pet and cuddled. Both his parents have great pedigrees of Champions' blood, registered in TICA and CFA associations and already have received titles of Champions themselves. His father is announced as the best red spotted Scottish Straight cat of the show season 2019 in Southeast Regionand the second best in the world for 2019! All our kittens born from Scottish fold and Scottish Straight cats with a blood line of the British Shorthair breed, but this litter is result of breeding two parents of Scottish Straight: the red spotted tabby male and Solid Blue female (very "British" type of Scottish Straight). The kittens from this litter will take their looks from their parents: massive bodies, very fluffy and thick short hair, muzzles with really big and cute cheeks, and, of course, big round gold/copper eyes. They all have a lot of attention and they are very friendly to people, adaptive to other animals in the house (read about this breed at our website: with incredible sweet personalities! ))) Mark, as all kittens at our Cattery, will be partly or fully vaccinated (depend of the age at the moment of the sale), de-wormed, flea regiment, and Spayed/Neutered before leaving. In our sale contract we give you one year of the genetic health guarantee for any kitten you getting from our cattery.They will leave our cattery potty trained, nail clipped and well groomed, eating solid foods and used to lots of attention! Delivery in USA may cost additional $250+ or you are more than welcome to pick him up by arriving in person at our location without additional cost.

"Mark", Scottish Straight boy, Blue & Cream Spotted Tabby (g24)

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