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Please meet our stunning, beautiful and majestic girl: "Ginger"! She is going to be ready to leave our Cattery after December 14th. She is a very playful and outgoing kitty! She is such a sweetheart, with thick and fluffy fur, and has the looks of a cute little fashionista! She's also very affectionate and has the sweetest personality! She's a very tender, human oriented kitty and also a very energetic and outgoing kitty. She is the funniest to play around with that  makes you want to play with her all the time! I'm sure, she will be an awesome addition to any family! Both her parents have great pedigrees of Greand Champions' blood, registered with TICA and have titles of Champions themselves! For anymore questions or info about this kitten please contact Maria at (919)-609-5106

"Ginger" Scottish Straight, GIRL. Chocolate Tortie (h627182)

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