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Please meet gorgeous creation of the litter with absolutely stunning Ticked Chocolate Tortie color: "Frocya"! This kitten is a  jewel of this litter: very gentle, playful, but at the same time she is calm girl, overall - a sweetheart!  She has very balanced personality! And she is going to be ready for the new family after September 2nd. As all our kittens, Frocya is getting lots of attention from all our big family and she is very friendly to people, adaptive to other animals in the house, very sweet, love to be pet and cuddled, great companions - they will follow you everywhere in the house!   :)
Both her parents have great pedigrees of Champions' blood, registered in TICA and CFA associations and have titles of Champions and Grand Champions themselves.  

"Frocya", Scottish Fold girl, Ticked Chocolate Tortie h25

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