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How many prejudices around black cats! But in our family, black cats laid the foundation for our Cattery! And now they delight us with a wonderful, magnificent color and very bright, fiery eyes! This girl, whom we named Misty, is no exception: very sweet, lithe and graceful, very affectionate girl, which will grow into gorgeous family cat!  She is so cuddeling, that she will put her nose into your hand palm and will purr nonstop and give you lots of kisses! Also, she has amazing way always to change her expression, and it is really difficult to do her pictures, LOL! She'll bring to your family blessings, fun and joy, like all our black cats!

Both her parents have great pedigrees of Champions' blood, registered in TICA and CFA associations and the father of this kitten has received a Quadruple Grand Champion title before he has reached two years old of age and in 2021 he got awards as the Best Scottish Straight of South-East region and the Best Scottish Straight Internationally!!!

"Misty" Scottish Straight girl, Black (n62)

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