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Please meet our very special, brave and courageos boy: "Bruce"! He is a very active and playful kitten, and, he is absolutely gorgeous! He has a very destinct spotted pattern fur and will grow into a beautiful cat! He has such a charming look, with thick and fluffy, but short hair, and he is "round" from any point of view! Like a “Teddy Bear”! Plus he is very affectionate and sweet boy! He has a very tender, human oriented temper and very balanced personality: if you are resting, he will sleep on your lap, if you want to play with him, he will gladly accept you offer! He makes you want to hold him all the time! I'm sure, he will be an awesome addition to any family! Both his parents have great pedigrees of Greand Champions' blood, registered with TICA and have titles of Champions themselves! For more questions or info contact Maria at (919)-609-5106

"Bruce" Scottish Fold, BOY. Black/Amber Mackerel Tabby (nt23627382)

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