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We have great gratitude to the organizers of the wonderful celebration for the
40th anniversary of TIСA
and the international cat show in Las Vegas on August 31 and September 1! It was an enchanting and memorable show!
Worldwide delivery from Raleigh (RDU), North Carolina
To any state, by air charge is $270+ and pet travel carrier from $30.00-50.00 and kitten can be shipped, if the weather temperature is below 80 F).  Also we offer delivery service from our Cattery "door to door", but rates for this service depend on the  distance.

     We feel responsible for the commitment you do with your new furry family member for many years to come, and we want it to be memorable and happy! So many kittens are for sale around, and many are far from being cheap, but we are so in love with this new and so charming breed of Scottish Fold and Straight cats, that our main goal is to preserve and improve it, and we put a lot of hard work, studying, high expense to breed and raise kittens with great health, specific behavior habits, companionable personalities and outstanding colors, to make worth every dollar you paid for these fluffy joys from our cattery!


All our efforts are proved by great success

through Cat Shows for the year 2019:

our animals got international winnings!


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  • Scottish Fold/Straight kittens for sale

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