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Please meet another gorgeous white creation of the litter: "Umka"!Many years ago in Russia, a story was filmed for children about a small polar bear cub, which came from the North Pole, and people nicknamed him "Umka" (what means "smart") for his curiosity and smartness. We think, this little kitten is like the character of this story: he is very curious, affectionate, smart and also white! His cute expression with very small folded ears and personality is very reminiscent of a small polar bear cub! Umka is a very gentle, playful and really social boy: absolutely a sweetheart, which will grow into really big and gorgeous white cat with an amazing and very friendly personality! He likes to be pet and cuddled, he loves to sit on your lap and “kisses” your hands! Kittens with personalities, like Umka has, is not born that often…
He is ready to move into his new family !

"Umka", Scottish Fold boy, White (w)

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