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Here is the most colorful and absolutely sweetheart baby Sophie! Her color is Ticked Chocolate Mackerel Torbie Bicolored (h2303627382)! Besides her amazingly beautiful coat, this girl is very cuddly! Her parents are so sweet and affectionate that difficult imagen, that any of their babies may have other by personality! She loves people and will torture you with her caress! If you don't believe that it could happen, then this girl will convince you otherwise! It is impossible to get rid of her caresses: she will walk on your heels and look for every opportunity to jump on your lap or shoulder and kiss you from all sides! She is a very sweet, playful and constantly purring kitty!

 She will be a great addition to any family or just to a person!

Both of her parents have an excellent pedigree of champion bloodlines registered with the TICA association, and the father of this kitten has the title of Four-time Grand Champion.

For more questions regarding this kitten please contact Maria at (919)609-5106

"Sophie" Scottish Fold girl, Ticked Chocolete Torbie Bicolored, DOB 04/11/24

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