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Please meet a charming boy - Simba! We've named him this because he looks exactly like wild lione! He has the most rare for the home cats color in the world: Ticked Red Tabby! He doesn't have any pattern, only on his forhead sign of Tabby "M"! He is very affectionat, smart stately kitten, like his father Yasha, our Quadruple Grand Champion boy, with very balanced personality: playful and cuddling at the same time! SImba is such handsome kitten and he is going to be big and  gorgeous cat! He is fearless and loves to be petted. He will be awesome addition to any family! I have no doubts that he will bring into your life lots of memorable and funny moments! 
Both his parents have great pedigrees of International Champions' and Grand Champions' blood, and have titles of Grand Champions' themselves!
For more information about this kitten, please contact Maria at (919)609-5106

"Simba" Scottish Fold boy, Ticked Red Tabby (d25627382), DOB 05/20/23

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