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Please, get acquainted with the tender perfection itself - Nora! She has a very unusual and rare, very dark chocolate color which I've put as Black... It is kind of difficult to tell right now, but with growing her coloration will be darker, but is it definitly will be gorgeous reach color!  Nora s a very sweet, playful and constantly purring kitty! Both of her parents are immensely affectionate, but she incorporated the whole affectionateness of both parents into her personality!
 She will be great addition to any family or just to a person! 
Both of her parents have an excellent pedigree of champion bloodlines registered with the TICA association, and the father of this kitten has the title of Four-time Grand Champion.
For more questions regarding this kitten please contact Maria at (919)609-5106

"Nora" Scottish Straight girl, Black (n627182), DOB 04/08/24

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