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Lars and one of his brothers (only with the straight ears) have the most extraordinary, perhaps totally new coloration in all cats’ breeds: Lilac Dilute, which is difficult to call Cream, because it has orange shadow, like a peach!  At his youngest age he was much lighter, but now he is getting more orange! Incredible coloration! He is going to be a gorgeous and big cat with absolutely amazing, very sweet and affectionate personality!!! He is just a pure sweetheart! Lars loves to play and cuddle, and he will be very gentle with kids and happy to meet other animals in your household!

He'll bring lots of funny and memorable moments into your life!!! Great addition to any family!

Both his parents have great pedigrees of International Grand Champions' blood, registered in TICA.

For more information, contact Maria at (919) 609-5106

"Lars" Scottish Fold boy, Cream (Lilac Dilute) Tabby (cm25627382) DOB 04/04/23

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$2,400.00Sale Price
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