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Please meet this charming girl with incredibly big eyes - Glory! She was born, as well as her brother, in Blue Tabby colors from solid Chocolate dad and very bright Calico mom! Genetics sometimes really surprises us with the range of colors!!! She is a very sweet, affectionate, and purring girl, which you constantly want to hold in your arms! She has absolutely beautiful, fluffy and thick, incredibly colored Blue Mackerel Tabby coat and always with "surprised" expression!))) Her tender personality just rolls over all dimensions! She loves cuddling so much and she is very curious, so she'll most likely always be under your feet, so watch your steps! She trusts us so much that she never runs from under our feet and makes our walking around her more complicated!!! )))


Also, Glory has such a temper and personality, that she’ll easily adjust to kids and any other animals in the household.


Both her parents have great pedigrees of International Grand Champions' blood, registered in TICA association.


For more information about this kitten, please contact Maria at (919)609-5106

"Glory" Scottish Straight girl, Blue Mackerel Tabby Bicolored; DOB 04/13/23

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