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Please meet a gorgeous creation of the Nature "Eli" with absolutely stunning Ticked Blue Spotted Tabby with White (Bicolored) color! He has  wonderful short-fluffy fur! Eli is a very gentle and playful boy, overall - a sweetheart! He likes to be pet and cuddled the same way, as he loves to play! His personality is very balanced and he is always looking for your attention, loves to sit on your lap and “kissing” your hands! 
With his tenderness, playfulness, imperiousness and curiosity, this kitten will be a wonderful furry addition to any family!  :)
Both parents of this gorgeous kitten have great pedigrees of Champions' blood (and most of them came from purebred British), registered in TICA and CFA associations and the father of this kitten has a Quadruple Grand Champion title! 
For more information regarding this kitten contact Maria (919)609-5106.

"Eli" Scottish Straight boy,Ticked Blue Spotted Bicolored(a2524627182)DOB 3/8/24

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