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Please meet the most gorgeous kitten of this season "Browny" boy! He has one of the rarest colorations: True Chocolate! Browny looks like a like a plush toy with very thick and soft fur, that you don’t want to let go of!! But he has the most affectionate, outgoing, and very sweet personality, besides the gorgeous color and  great Scottish Fold breed standards and health! This kind of kittens born not that often! So, hurry up and don't miss the opportunity to have such an irresistible kitty in your life! He is very gentle and cuddling boy: a real treasure! Browny is very smart, despite age, likes to "talk" with people and he is very funny! He will bring into your life lots of memorable and funny moments!
Both of his parents have an excellent pedigree of International champion bloodlines registered with the TICA association, and the father of this kitten has the title of Four-time Grand Champion.
For more information about this kitten (or if you would like to see more kittens available for sale), please contact Maria (919) 609-5106.

"Browny" Scottish Fold boy, Chocolate (b627382); DOB 05/20/23

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