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Meet the gorgeous and very unique Bella! She has an absolutely amazing Lilac Tortie coloration, and this girl is such a "teddy bear"! Her fur is so soft and thick that you'll want to hold her and pet all the time! And she doesn't mind: she is a very human-oriented kitty and loves hands. Bella has a very affectionate and sweet personality that just goes off scale in all dimensions! She loves to cuddle and play at the same time! She is also very curious and has excellent hunting skills!! But the most amazing thing about her: she has the most unique look, like a real Lady!.. She has a look with languor in her eyes!...))) I have no doubt that this girl will bring a lot of fun and sweet moments in your family life!

Please contact Maria at (919)609-5106 (text/call) for more information about this girl!

"Bella" Scottish Fold girl, Lilac Tortie (j627382) DOB 03/17/23

$2,500.00 Regular Price
$2,000.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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