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This Red Spotted Tabby Bicolored kitten we've named "Archie". This guy is really funny, playful and cuddling furry troublemaker! He has a very balanced personality, more human oriented. Archie is going to be absolutely gorgeous, bright colored cat with magnetizing fiery eyes! He is so charming, graceful and very affectionate and playful kitten, which will bring a lot of memorable moments to any family! He will do great with other animals in the household and kids!

Both parents of this gorgeous kitten have great pedigrees of Champions' blood (and most of them came from purebred British), registered in TICA association and the father of this kitten has a Quadruple Grand Champion title!

For more information regarding this kitten contact Maria (919)609-5106.

"Archie" Scottish Straight boy Red Spotted Bicolored (d0324627182), DOB 03/08/24

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