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Please meet our very special, bravest and playful girl: "Afina"! This is the most active and playful kitten, and, as well, she has very unique eyes coloration! But there is a specification for this kitten: she has to stay ONLY INSIDE the house, because she can't hear, which is totally normal for the solid white cats. Afina doesn't know about this, which makes her totally unique, and she is acting like any other kitten. The kittens, who can't hear or have partially lost of hearing are using other way to communicate with people: by watching your expression and especially your hands! You'll never will see the difference with the kitten, who has good hearing. And of course I cannot fail to mention that this is the only kitten who is afraid absolutely nothing, even the vacuum cleaner (most likely because of the hearing absence). She is going to grow into gorgeous, solid white cat with an amazing uniqueness of odd eyes! Her eye color just started to develop: one is going to stay as blue as it is now, and another one has started to change to the gold/copper color. I'm sure, that she will bring into your life lots of hilarious moments, and, of course, sweet and funny memories! Just keep her inside the house!

"Afina" Scottish Straight girl, White with odd eyes (w637182)

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